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LN Hello, I am a Witch and my Crush Wants me to Make a Love Potion Light Novel Epub


Staff member
Mar 8, 2019
The Underworld
Hello, I am a Witch and my Crush Wants me to Make a Love Potion! cover.jpg


“I want you to make a love potion.”
The Good Witch of the Lake’s four-year crush ended in heartbreak with a single request from the object of her affections! Wanting to increase what little time she has with Royal Knight Harij, Rose sends him on a wild-goose chase for the ingredients but gets more than she bargained for when the grumbling knight starts visiting her every day…to feed her?
This is the heartwarming story of a shut-in witch and an arrogant, straitlaced knight whose romance starts from a love potion.

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