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Aug 29, 2020

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Found this place today :)) Buy LN to support the creatives & publisher! It seems amazon don´t want my money anymore ^^ :D
see u after classroom of the elite y2 v3
i'm above marv senpai kekw
get whatever!
Thank you for the roles. And congratulations for 10k members. And thank you for taking good care of me.
Congrats on 10k -Gandhi
My first time joining discord. It is really fun. I had a great day with Marv and War. Thank you.
Adding this donation with my guest one with “:)” use for whichever LN needed
yo can u get the new overlord?
  • Love
Thanks for the donation Bro but we've already gotten the new overlord volume 12
Just a little something for the server -Gandhi
Thanks for the work. Whenever Available: Shin DxD and Bunny Girl senpai (please)
apology donation
  • Wow
Bro thanks for the donation but there was no need for the apology donation. We already discussed in the DM
<3 great app
Enjoyed the work on classroom of the elite and tensura and wanted to help out the community