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Summoned To Another World As An Unconfident Hero


Dec 17, 2019

Hello there,
I'm a novice writer that just writes for fun and I love reading other people's work too


Skylyn is a 17-year-old high schooler. An unconfident kid who gets bullied at his school and generally doesn't have many friends. One faithful day a beam of light teleports him to another world where he is named a "hero" by the King but Skylyn has never seen himself as one.
Now, sent to a knights academy to gain knowledge and skills to fight evil.
How will Skylyn fair?
Will he overcome his fears and become the hero the people need him to be? Will he go through hell to save the people he doesn't have any bonds to?
Find out in this story...

The cover art was made by TahsinHossain also known as Inaho on the ZeroBooks discord server.

Wattpad Story Link:

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