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Umbral Skirmish (Fantasy story)


New Member
May 10, 2020

Hello, Halbikx here! I just wanted to share my new fantasy story with you. If you're interested, please do check it out, and leave a review if you don't mind. Thanks!

Basic Summary

Ernie Neswitt is a boy who has experienced quite a bit of neglect and an inferiority complex for most of his life. One day, however, he was able to escape from all that trauma when a strange phenomenon happened: a portal opened up in his house and asked him to join the other side.

This portal, called 'The Gate,' occasionally chooses people to be summoned as 'Chosen Ones' to another world. Once they have gone, they can never come back. Ernie, having no choice, leaves his emotional past behind and enters a new chapter of his life.

Umbral Skirmish Link:

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